Creation of a new Baltic Initiative (Poland 1998)

The First Baltic Conference on Forest Fires

(Poland 1998)

The First Baltic Conference on Forest Fires was held in Poland, 4-8 May 1998. The conference brought together scientists, managers and representatives from administrations of the host country (Poland), the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Russia, the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), and Germany. The aim of the conference was to

  • Clarify the natural and cultural history of fire (fire in land-use systems, forest wildfires) in the Baltic Basin;
  • Present the state of knowledge on the impact of the modern industrial societies on forest fire, present new technologies and methods of forest fire management, and to discuss joint strategies in coping with the problem; and
  • Activate a process of information exchange and international fire science, management and policy development on the forest fire problem in the Baltic Basin region.

The host of the conference was the Polish Ministry of Environment Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry, and General Directorate of State Forests. The conference will be organized by the Forest Research Institute, Department of Forest Fire Prevention (Warsaw), in cooperation with the Fire Ecology Research Group of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Biogeochemistry Department.

Co-sponsors of the conference are the United Nations, through the European Forestry Commission, FAO/ECE Team of Specialists on Forest Fire, the Polish General Directorate of State Forests, and the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The first set of conference proceedings has been published in Polish by the Conference Chairman:

Mr. Tytus Karlikowski
IBL-Forest Research Institute
Department of Forest Fire Prevention
ul. Bitwy Warszawskiej No.3
PL – 00-973 Warsaw
POLAND Tel:  ++48-22-846-2018
Fax: ++48-22-846-2018 or ++ 48-22-224935

The recommendations of the conference are published in IFFN No.19. Proceedings in English will be published in 1999 by:

Goldammer, J.G., and T.Karlikowski (eds.) 1999. Proceedings, First Baltic Conference on Forest Fires, Radom-Katowice, Poland, 5-9 May 1998. SPB Acad. Publ., The Hague (in prep.)


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