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Preparation of GFMC activities in 1999

January 1999

6-9 January 1999
GFMC Annual Course on Fire Ecology and Fire Management, at FreiburgUniversity, Faculty of Forest Science; Experimental Forest Mathislewald andField Station Mathislemühle, Freiburg-Hinterzarten, Germany.

26 January 1999
The World Bank Disaster Management Facility (DMF) declares co-sponsorship ofthe GFMC.

February 1999

2-5 February 1999
First International Scientific Conference On “Fires In MediterraneanForests: Prevention – Suppression – Soil Erosion – Reforestation” withpresentation on “TheContribution of the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) for Early Warning andManagement of Wildfires”. The conference recommendations urge theMediterranean countries to actively contribute to the GFMC; Athens, Greece.

8 February 1999
Visit of the leader of IUCN-WWF Project Firefight South East Asia, Dr. PeterMoore, at the GFMC.

10 February 1999
Arrival of visiting scientist Dr. Ertugrul Bilgili, Department of Forest Entomology and Protection, Faculty of Forestry,Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi, Trabzon, Turkey, for a three-months period atthe GFMC.

14-19 February 1999
ITTO Workshop on Forest Fire Control, BogorAgricultural University; Bogor, Indonesia.

19-23 February 1999
Consultations with Ministry of Forestry on fire management, including revisit ofnational fire management plan drafted by the GFMC in 1986; field inspections inPyay and Taungoo; Yangon, Myanmar.

24-26 February 1999
Consultations with Royal Forestry Department, Director General Plodplasop, onfire management research; UN ESCAP IDNDR meeting; Bangkok, Thailand.

March 1999

1 March 1999
GFMC staff member Georg Buchholz notified to transfer to the Germany-IndonesiaIntegrated Forest Fire Management (IFFM) project. Replacement by Tobias Zorn(transfer from Japan to GFMC).

8 March 1999
Consultations with local mayors of the Kaiserstuhl Region, on prescribed burningprogramme; GFMC.

14 March 1999
Consultations with the head of Office for the Coordination of HumanitarianAssistance, German Foreign Office, Mr. Alexander von Rom, on GFMC cooperation;Bonn, Germany.

15 March 1999
GFMC leading the meeting of the German IDNDR Committee; decision on a meeting onNetwork for Natural Disaster Research, to be held at the GFMC, Freiburg, June1999; Bonn, Germany.

25 March 1999
Preparation of final draft of the “HealthGuidelines for Vegetation Fire Events” and Background Papers (UNEP, WHO,WMO), at the Institute of Environmental Epidemiology, Ministry of theEnvironment; Singapore.

29 March – 1 April 1999
GFMC at NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) “Open Spirit”, andconsultations on the use of prescribed fire in nature conservation on militaryexercise areas, with Admiral Feldt; Olpenitz and Kiel, Germany.

April 1999

12-13 April 1999
Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board, German IDNDR Commiteee; Bonn, Germany.

18-27 April 1999
GFMC support to TACIS Russia Forest Fire Information System,Avialesookhrana; Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russian Federation.

May 1999

6 May 1999
Meeting with the Minister for Rural Space, Baden Württemberg State,Ms. Gerdi Staiblin, and representatives of State administrations, on PrescribedBurning Strategy in Landscape Management; GFMC.

21-22 May 1999
Consultations with IGBP-BAHC Executive Director, Dr. Michael Fosberg, on jointIGBP-IGAC research strategies; GFMC.

13 May – 3 June 1999
Foundation meeting of the World Bank Consultative Group on Global DisasterReduction (later renamed ProVention Consortium on Natural Disasters); Paris,France.

June 1999

8-12 June 1999
Wood for Africa Conference, Fire Conference. Consultations with Ministry ofWater Affairs and Forestry, Ms. Lael Bethlehem, and Attaché for Agriculture andForestry, Embassy of Germany, on future joint activities in fire management;Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

16 June 1999
Consultations on prolongation of the Indonesia-Germany IntegratedForest Fire Management (IFFM) Project, with German Agency for TechnicalCooperation (GTZ) and German Bank for Reconstruction (Kreditanstalt fürWiederaufbau – KfW); Eschborn, Germany.

17 June 1999
Evaluation / review of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (GFMChost); Mainz, Germany.

23 June 1999
Meeting of the German IDNDR Committee; Bonn, Germany.

30 June 1999
Consultations with representative of Tohoku University, Japan, onremote sensing of fires in East Asia, and cooperation; GFMC.

July 1999

2-3 July 1999
GFMC host of meeting of the German IDNDR Committee, for building an IDNDRNetwork for Natural Disaster Research; GFMC.

8-9July 1999
GFMC contribution to the IDNDR Forum; consultations with the World ConservationUnion (IUCN) and UNEP-GRID, on cooperation; Geneva and Gland, Switzerland.

15 July 1999
Visit of representative of the World Institute for Disaster Risk Management(DRM), Dr. Abt; consultations on cooperation; GFMC.

August 1999

3 August 1999
Consultations with German-Russian Helion Procopter Consortium, on concept ofinternational fire emergency intervention groups; GFMC.

4 August 1999
Consultations with the President (Rektor), Freiburg University, oncooperation with GFMC; GFMC.

6-19 August 1999
GFMC support to TACIS Russia Forest Fire Information System,Avialesookhrana; Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russian Federation.

8-12 August 1999
Field work and consultations with Avialesookhrana staff and members of theSukachev Institute for Forest, Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch; KrasnoyarskRegion, Russian Federation.

13-15August 1999
GFMC organizer of workshop “Fire on Ice”, on climate change, fire andpermafrost scenarios in boreal Eurasia, at Far East Forest Research Institute;Khabarovsk, Russian Federation.

18August 1999
GFMC awarded medal by the Russian Government for “Saving and Multiplyingthe Forest Resources of Russia”; Moscow, Russian Federation.

September 1999

6 September 1999
Consultations with the European Council, EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement, oncooperation with GFMC; Strasbourg, France.

15 September 1999
GFMC staff supporting a fire experiment aiming at the reconstruction ofNeolithic slash-and-burn agriculture; Forchtenberg-Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.

15 September 1999
Preparation of review mission Indonesia-Germany Integrated Forest FireManagement (IFFM) Project (Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia); Eschborn,Germany.

15-16 September 1999
Consultations with International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), Dr.Efransjah, on GFMC-ITTO cooperation; GFMC.

17-25 September 1999
Routine visit at and scientific support of the Indonesia-Germany IntegratedForest Fire Management (IFFM) Project; Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

20-23 September 1999
Third International Symposium of Tropical Forest Management, hosted by theTropical Forest Research Center, Mulawarman University, and the JapanInternational Cooperation Agency; Samarinda, East Kalimantan,Indonesia.

27 September 1999
Consultations on research cooperation and results with representatives ofthe Centro de Investigación y ExtensiónForestal Andino Patagonico, Esquel, Chubut, Argentinien, Dr. Maria del CarmenDentoni and Dr. Thren; GFMC.

29 September 1999
Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board, German IDNDR Committee; Bonn, Germany.

October 1999

4 October 1999
Meeting of the German IDNDR Committee; Bonn, Germany.

5 October 1999
On-site consultations on prescribed burning field trials for theconservation of the UNESCO-protected landscapes of the Middle Rhein Valley;Boppard, Germany.

6-7 October 1999
Kick-off meeting of the German Natural Disaster Research Network (DeutschesForschungsnetz Naturkatastrophen – DFNK) and its Forest Fire Research Cluster,Geoforschungszentrum; Potsdam, Germany.

8 October 1999
Consultations with the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- undRaumfahrt – DLR) on the small satellite mission BIRD (Bi-spectral InfraredDetection); Institut für Weltraumsensorik und Planentenerkundung, Berlin,Germany

10-12 October 1999
Working visit of Dr. W. Keith Moser,Timbers Research Station, Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.; GFMC.

15 October 1999
Consultations with German-Russian Helion Procopter Consortium, on concept ofinternational fire emergency intervention groups; Bitburg, Germany.

19 October 1999
Routine working visit of GTZ-Indonesia Integrated Forest Fires Management(IFFM) staff member, Mr. Hartmut Abberger; GFMC.

Consultations with the EuropeanCommission, Directorate General, Space Applications Institute, JointResearch Center (JRC), Agricultural andRegional Information Systems Unit, Dr. G. Schmuck (Ispra, Italy), on cooperationin early warning of wildland fires; GFMC

November 1999

2-5 November 1999
Global Observation of Forest Cover (GOFC) Fire Meeting, Joint ResearchCenter; Ispra, Italy.

8-17 November 1999
GFMC support to the National Round Table on Forest Fire Management Strategyfor Namibia, in conjunction with the Namibia-Finland Forestry Programme;Windhoek, Namibia.

24 November 1999
Consultations with representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences,Irkutsk, Ruddian Federation, on cooperative research projects with the MaxPlanck Society; Mainz, Germany.

26 November 1999
Consultations with the new head of the Office for the Coordination ofHumanitarian Assistance, German Foreign Office, Mr. Riedler, on GFMCcooperation; Bonn, Germany.

27 November 1999
Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board, German IDNDR Committee; Bonn, Germany.

30 November 1999
German Ministry for Education and Research (Bundesministerium fuer Bildungund Forschung – BMBF) grants a 3-year research contract for building theForest Fire Research Cluster, German Natural Disaster Research Network(Deutsches Forschungsnetz Naturkatastrophen – DFNK).

German Foreign Office, Officefor the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance grants funding for GFMCoperations.

December 1999

8 December 1999
Letter of Agreement signed between the GFMC and the Centre de Suivi ècologique(CSE), Sénégal, on cooperation in remote sensing of fires in West Africa, andinformation dissemination; GFMC – Dakar, Sénégal.

9-11 December 1999
4th International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) RegionalEurope-Africa Conference. Creation of concept discussion of the INSARAG FireGroup; Stuttgart-Neuhausen, Germany.

14 December 1999
Meeting of the Operative Advisory Board, German IDNDR Committee; consultationswith the Chair of the INSARAGRegional Europe-Africa Region; Bonn,Germany.


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