Ukraine: Antonov AN-32 P (IFFN No. 11 – July – 1994)


Antonov AN-32 P

(IFFN No. 11 – July 1994)

The AN 32-P “Firekiller” is designed as a multi-purpose fire missions aircraft:

  • Combating fires by dropping retardant or water loads from external delivery units (2 x 4 t)
  • Precise delivery of up to 30 fully equipped smokejumpers, with the aid of an advanced navigation system
  • Cloud seeding (artificial rain) with the MP-26 meteo cartridges fired from the fuselage tail section
  • Easy load and transport of heavy cargos, vehicles and firefighting equipment (ramp, loading device)


Contact Address for more information:


Kiev Airplane Production Association
100/1 Pobeda Prospekt
252062 Kiev

Fax: ++7-44-442-6213 or 4385

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