Recent Publications (IFFN No. 20 – January 1999)


Recent Publications

(IFFN No. 20 – January 1999)

Fire Management and Landscape Ecology – Proceedings of the 1997 Banyuls Conference 

This conference proceedings is a collection of papers by noted European scientists on the topics of:

  • Fire effects on soil processes

  • Plant community responses and dynamics

  • Fire adaptive and survival traits of plants

  • Fire responses of animal communities

  • Burned areas and fire modelling

Fire Effects on Soil Processes: Chemical soil changes in shrubland after experimental fire (E.Marcos, Luis, and R.Tarrega)

Fire effects during two years on soil nutrients in a Juniperus oxycedrus woodland (M.Iglesias, V.Cala, J.Gonzalez, I.Walter, and L.Trabaud)

Factrors affecting post-fire regeneration under large Pinus halepensis (H.Dinel, A.Saracino, and S.Dumontet)

Effects of fire intensity on the soil properties related to structure: organic matter, aggregate stability and water retention capacity (M.Molina and J.Llinares)

Postfire runoff and soil erosion in the sweet chestnut belt of southern Switzerland (P.Marxer, M.Conedera, and D.Schaub)

Effects of fire intensity on soil erodibility (G.Giacomo, L.Sergio, and C.Stefania)

Post-fire vegetation dynamics and its effect on soil erosion processes (G.Giacomo, L.Sergio, and C.Stefania)

Plant Community Responses and Dynamics After Fire: Ten years of observations after wildfire on permanent plots in central Mediterranean Portugal (M.Espirito Santo, and J.Capelo)

Factors affecting the establishment of woody species after fire in central Portugal (J.Silva, and F.Rego)

Preliminary post-fire secondary succession in shrubland dominated by Ulex galli planchon in inland Galicia, NW Spain (A.Iglesia, A.Cascudo, and E.Vizcaino)

Twelve years of vegetation changes after fire in an Erica australis community (L.Calvo, R.Tarrega, and Luis)

Different fire regime effects on a Cytisus purgans community (E.Rigolot, M.Etienne, and B.Lambert)

A comparative study of recovery in two Cistus communities subjected to experimental burning in Leon province, Spain (R.Tarrega, E.Luis-Calabuig, and L.Valbuena)

Long-term plant regeneration after wildfires in Mediterranean ecosystems of NE Spain (A.Ferran, and V.Vallejo)

Vegetation responses to forest fires in the Swiss southern Alps (M.Wehrli, M.Conedera, C.Hofmann, and W.Tinner

Fire adaptive and survival traits of plants: Are the dominant species in N.W. Spain fire-prone? (O.Reyes, and M.Casal)

Importance of tree size in Pinus halepensis fire survival (L.Trabaud, and J.Valina)

Anatomic features of serotinous cones in Pinus halepensis Mill. (V.Leone, A.Logiurato, and A.Saracino)

Influence of Cistus monspeliensis on the early stages of development of Pinus halepensis seedlings after fire in Tus Valley, SE Spain (J.Martinez-Sanchez, P.Ferrandis, las Heras, and J.Herranz

Factors affecting post-fire regeneration under large Pinus halepensis trees (A.Saracino, H.Dinel, F.Fidanza, G.Ruggiero, and S.Dumontet)

Effect of fire on the soil seed bank in a Mediterranean ecosystem in central Spain (P.Ferrandis, J.Martinez-Sanchez, J.Harranz, and J. de las Heras)

Fire responses of animal communities: The influence of single and repeated fires on invertebrates in chestnut forests in southern Switzerland: first results (M.Moretti, N.Patocchi, M.Conedera, P.Duelli, and P.Edwards)

Decomposition processes and soil mesofauna groups in post-fire successional Pinus halepensis forests of Greece (C.Radea, and M.Arianoutsou)

Effect of prescribed burning on ground-foraging ant community in a Mediterranean maquis (M.Abel, and P.Pons)

Bird site tenacity after prescribed burning in a Mediterranean shrubland (P.Pons)

Response of Pyrenean gray partridge to controlled winter burning (C.Novoa, and P.Landry)

The changes of a post-fire habitat as a response to mountain goat (Capra aegagrus) grazing on Mount Carmel, Israel (A.Haim, A.Golan, and I.Izhaki)

Burned areas and fire modelling: Risk factors in wildfires along the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula (J.Terradas, J.Pinol, and F.Lloret)

Monitoring of plant community regeneration after fire by remote sensing (R.Diaz-Delgado, R.Salvador, and X.Pons)

Modelling fire-prone vegetation dynamics (J.Pausas)


Trabaud, L. (ed.) 1998. Fire Management and Landscape Ecology – Proceedings of the 1997 Banyuls Conference. Int. Association of Wildland Fire.

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IFFN No. 20


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