News from the UN: Report on the FAO/ITTO International Expert Meeting on Forest Fire Management, REMARKS (IFFN No. 24 – April 2001)

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Report on the
FAO/ITTO International Expert Meeting on Forest Fire Management
Rome, Italy, 7-9 March 2001

(IFFN No. 24 – April 2001, 78-98)


A summary of this report of the expert meeting was submitted to the 15th Session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO), which met at the FAO, Rome 12-16 March 2001. The draft report of the COFO meeting includes the follwoings statements (extracts):

In relation to FAO Programmes in the Forestry Sector:

“The Committee felt that the FAO should facilitate the exchange of information within and amongst countries about successful approaches to forest management, given that this flow of information is essential to serve the cause of sustainable forest management. It also took note of the serious threat that amongst others, forest fires and forest diseases are posing to forests. It therefore requested FAO to provide better support to National Forestry Programmes in this regard.”

In relation to FAO’s Medium Term Plan:

“The Committee emphasized other important areas of work; including support to countries with low forest cover and efforts to combat desertification; management of wild fauna; forest fire management; combating of illegal activities in the forest sector; forests and water management; and development of non-wood forest products. “

In relation to sustainable forest management:

“In relation to sustainable forest management, the Committee was informed of the results of the International Expert Consultation on the Management of Forest Fires. The Committee took note of the important conclusions and recommendations of the meeting, and urged that FAO take follow-up action to support efforts in fire management.”


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