News from the UN: Report on the FAO/ITTO International Expert Meeting on Forest Fire Management, ANNEX 5 (IFFN No. 24 – April 2001)

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Report on the
FAO/ITTO International Expert Meeting on Forest Fire Management
Rome, Italy, 7-9 March 2001

(IFFN No. 24 – April 2001, 78-98)


Tabel 1. Some Existing Agreements for Mutual Assistance and Emergency Response 11

Agreement Type


Agreement Partner Descriptions



National, with individual States (National Wildfire Coordinating Group
National with Military


Federal Government with individual States

Federal (SEMARNAP) with Military


National Government with Regions

National Government with Private Sector

Bilateral Agreements between Regions

Bilateral Agreements between Regions and Private Sector

Private to Private Sector Agreements

Other Agreements with Armed Forces, Fire Brigades etc


Federal Government with individual States (large emergencies)

State to State agreements

South Africa

Agreements with Military

Agreements between Provinces and National Government (under formulation)


Prevention done within Forestry Sector

Fire Suppression under Civil Society (Military Corps)

Centralized authority decides how, without formal Agreements

Local Authorities have local mechanisms to share resources


Individual Regions responsible

Federal level have funds for Emergency Plans to share resources


National Coordinating Committee establishes rules for Sharing Central Government resources to fight fire when Autonomous Region resources need

Bilateral Agreements between Regions (principle of single command, each agency covers costs of services provided)

Agreements with Armed Forces


Resources centrally allocated in cooperation with Districts for fire suppression

Prevention: National leadership with funding to Regions

Involvement of Local Authorities through personnel, volunteers

Regions have Emergency Plans communicated to National Government

Bilateral Agreements


Portugal, France and Morocco (Aircraft and equipment), West Mediterranean
Specific Coordinating Centre in each Country, Cost paid by receiving countries


USA with Mexico

USA with Canada

USA and Canada with Australia and New Zealand (under preparation)


Chile with Argentina


Central Government, Memo of Understanding with Other Countries for Fire Resources, allocated centrally and distributed at the local level


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