GTZ Special on Wildland Fire – Editorial I (IFFN No. 23 – December 2000)

GTZ Special on Wildland Fire

 Editorial (I)

(will be published in IFFN No. 23 – December 2000, p. 2)

Readers of International Forest Fire News (IFFN) may have noted that in the last issue (No. 22, April 2000) the logo of the German Agency for Technical Cooperation – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit mbH (GTZ) – had entered the assembly of IFFN co-sponsors and partners on page (ii). This move happened after many years of close cooperation between the GTZ and the institute of the editor in which IFFN is prepared since 1988 and which also hosts the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) since its establishment in 1998. This issue provides a GTZ Special on Wildland Fire. The following contributions to this IFFN Special had been prepared in 1999 for a special publication of the GTZ, the Waldinfo <“Forest Info”>, an internal newsletter of the GTZ Department Forests and Nature Conservation. Having in mind that the distribution of Waldinfo is limited to the GTZ and its immediate partners it was planned from the very beginning to publish these papers also in IFFN in order to make them available for a broader audience, particularly through the publication on the GFMC homepage. Besides some minor updates or editorial changes the papers are more than one year old. This must be taken into consideration concerning recent developments that are not mentioned in the papers.

With the Integrated Forest Fire Management (IFFM) projects and other forest development projects with a wildland fire management component the GTZ has entered the challenging arena of Community-Based Fire Management (CBFM) in the developing world almost a decade ago. The IFFM project in Indonesia which is presented in this IFFN Special by several contributions provides outstanding experience in bringing together aspects of IFFM/CBFM with the transfer of technologies adapted to the local situation as well as technological innovations in the development of an advanced Fire Information System. Mr. Georg Buchholz, former staff member of the GFMC and currently with IFFM Indonesia served as technical coordinator of the Waldinfo and this IFFN Special.

Johann G. Goldammer

Editor, IFFN

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