Russia: International Assistance and Mutual Agreements (IFFN No. 10 – January 1994)


International Assistance and MutualAgreements

(IFFN No. 10 – January 1994, p. 18)

In 1993 a contract was signed with Mongolia. According to this contract the Russian Federation will provide fire fighting equipment (parachutes, helicopter rapelling devices, small equipment). A mutual assistance scheme was agreed for large fire situations.

Croatia received the help of two Russian helicopters from Komi Region. The mission included aerial observers, instructors, and fire fighters, and was deployed in late summer of 1993.

Border-crossing rules with the People’s Republic of China will be signed soon. The agreements will provide rules on simple communication, including radio frequencies.

These international agreements are not the first ones: Earlier Soviet activities in forest fire protection were in Cuba (1977-80) and in an FAO project in Mongolia (1989-90).

The information in this country report was jointly compiled and prepared by:



Eduard P. Davidenko
National Aerial Forest Fire Center
Gorkogo St. 20
RU – 141200 Pushkino, Moscow Region


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