Russia: Forest Ecology Research (IFFN No. 7 – August 1992)


Forest Ecology Research

(IFFN No. 7 – August 1992, p. 13)

In the last 20 years a stationary experimental study of the nature and ecological consequences of fires in pine forests (Pinus silvestris) of Western Siberia (southern part of the boreal zone) has been conducted at the Thelazia Station of the Institute of Forest, Ural Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences (as a part of the MAB UNESCO program, Project 2, No.653). The influence of wildfires and prescribed burning on the main factors of environment, structure of stands, reproduction, natural regeneration and dynamics of pine cenopopulations and ecosystems on the whole has been studied.

Results of these investigations have been published partly in the book by S.N. Sannikov and N.S. Sannikova “Ecology of Natural Regeneration of Pine under Forest Canopy” (Moscow, Nauka Publishers, 1985). In 1992 the same publisher will issue S.N. Sannikov’s monograph “Ecology and Geography of Natural Regeneration of Common Pine”, where the author develops the hypotheses of “a pulsed pyrogenic regeneration and stability” of pine populations and “impulsive” microevolution of all species.



From: Stanislav N. Sannikov
Laboratory of Population Biology of Tree Plants
Institute of Forest
Ural Division of the USSR Academy of sciences
Bilimbaevskaya St. 32-a
620134 Ekaterinburg

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