Poland: The 1990 Forest Fire Season in Poland (IFFN No. 4 – December 1990)


The 1990 Forest Fire Season in Poland

(IFFN No. 4 – December 1990, p. 9)

The meteorological conditions of 1990 contributed significantly to an increase of forest fire hazard in Poland. By the end of October a total of 5976 fires had burned on ca. 7500 ha of forest lands. The snowless 1989-90 winter season created ideal conditions for spring fires, totalling 3401. During the summer fire season 2332 fires were recorded, in autumn only 243. Most fires were recorded in April (1390) and least fires in September (40). The largest fire occurred near Olkusz (Regional Board of State Forests in Katowice) where 248 ha of forest was burned. Most fires were due to carelessness, and a considerable number of incidents were arson fires. The increase of number of fires was observed. In comparison to the observation period 1961-80 the average number of fires per year during the past decade increased by 960 cases, and the average area annually affected by fire increased by 1210 ha.


Ryszard Szczygiel

Forest Fire Control Section
Forest Research Institute
ul. Bitwy Warszawskieij 1920 roku nr.3
PL – 00-973 Warsaw



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