Lithuania: Forest Fire Statistics Update (IFFN No. 13 – July 1995)

Forest Fire Statistics Update

(IFFN No. 13 – July 1995, p. 18)

Lithuania, a Baltic country with a land area of 65,200 km2 and 3.7 million inhabitants, has approximately 1.8 million ha of forest cover. These forests occupy roughly 30% of the country’s land area. Some 1.5 million ha of forest are in state ownership. The remainder are parts of agricultural communes. State owned forests are subdivided into 44 forest enterprises and 4 national parks. Approximately 40% of the forest area consists of pine (Pinus silvestris). Spruce (Picea abies) comprises 20% of the forest area, birch 10%, alder 10%, oak 2%, and ash 2%. Lithuania typically has a spring fire season which occurs immediately prior to bud burst of deciduous species (April). Most fires are human-caused with burning of pastures, carelessness and arson being the major causes of fire.

Tab.1. Forest fire statistics for Lithuania, 1984-94

From: Stanislovas Zebrauskas
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