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Asia Forest Fire Training Program

Challenges and Way Forward in Forest Fire Management


Forest disaster management has been highly recommended as a way of effective mitigation to prevent severe socio-economic and environmental impacts in the long term. Apprehending the forest characteristics of regionally close Asian states, it is necessary to find practical solutions for fire management. When a lot of people implement the projects and activities on forest fires, the experience of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and cooperation with international parties will be a great help.

Regarding forest fire management (FFM), the National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS) is running a short-term training course for FFM based on their successful history with technical improvement and investment. Moreover, ROK has been a chairing country of Pan-Asia Wildland Fire Network since 2013, suggested in the 4th International Wildland Fire Conference in Spain, 2007.

In this context, NIFoS and the ASEAN-Korea Forest Cooperation (AFoCo) jointly develop the advanced forest fire management program for officials in a technical position. This training of trainers on forest fire management will enhance their capability which also substance by composing a communication network among AFoCo member countries.


·         To nurture trainers to better cope with forest fires in Asia

·         To strengthen the Pan-Asia Wildland Fire Network by sharing information on and experience in forest fire issues in each country

Agendas of the first two Regional Training Courses

1st Asia Forest Fire Training

2nd Asia Forest Fire Training


16–23 September 2014

7–14 October 2015





8 (3 Koreans, 5 internationals)

11 (5 Koreans, 6 internationals)


12 (from 6 ASEAN countries)

16 (from 8 AFoCo member countries)



–    Fire Behavior 101

–    Ground Suppression Techniques

–    Fire Use

–    Fire Safety

–    Community-based Fire Management

–    Fire Information System


–    Fire Burning Experiment

–    Korean Mountain Fire Pumping Suppression System

–    Korean Fire Suppression System

–    Fire Restoration and Cultural Heritage Protection


–    Wildland Fire Behavior

–    Ground Suppression Techniques

–    Prescribed Burning

–    Fire Safety

–    Community-based Fire Management

–    Fire Information System

–    Fire Investigation


–    Fire Investigation

–    Fire Behavior Experiment

–    Ground Suppression Training

For more information and participation in future training courses please contact the National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS):

Photos of the 1st Asia Forest Fire Training Program (2014)

Figure 1. Trainers and trainees

Figure 2. Participant inspecting a helicopter

Figure 3. Observation of a laboratory burning experiment

Figure 4. Participants receiving training certificates

Photos of the 2nd Asia Forest Fire Training Program (2015)

Figure 5.Trainers, Trainees and Staff at the Admission Ceremony

Figure 6. Lecture on Community-based Fire Management

Figure 7.Practice on Fire Investigation

Figure 8. Trainers and trainees participating in the 6th International Wildland Fire Conference


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