Regional Northeast Asia Wildland Fire Network

A Region of the Global Wildland Fire Network

             International Symposium on Strategy Development of Advanced Forest Fire Policy and Organization

15-16 January 2013, Seoul, Republic of Korea


A global assessment of recent wildfires suggests the application of more balanced and comprehensive forest fire management approaches that better integrate fire-related considerations into natural resource management strategies at the landscape scale.

Lessons from catastrophic fires remind also that fire suppression should be considered as one of the several fire fields such as fire prevention, safe fire use, forest fire preparedness, suppression, and restoration of damaged area. And simple and clear jurisdiction is needed for avoiding and decreasing the unwanted fire effects.

The Symposium

This symposium was convened by the Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) and co-sponsored by the Korea Forest Service (KFS) and the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC), with inputs of the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Fire and the UNISDR Regional Southeast Europe and Eurasia Wildland Fire Networks. The objectives of the symposium included:

  • To discuss global and national level issues and concerns of forest fire paradigms and management, especially future forest fire strategy considering global change
  •  To share knowledge and experiences in building enhanced forest fire capacity and inter-agency cooperation in fire management, in order to develop effective forest fire mitigation and response.

Participants discussed how to enhance the integration of fire management to broader sustainable forest-use, how to establish long-term strategies for forest fire policy and organization and how to achieve the goal of simple and clear jurisdiction.

Symposium Organizers and Speakers:

First row, from Left to Right: Dr. Kim Kyong-ha (Director, Division of Forest Disaster Research, KFRI); Mr. Mark Jones (Chief Fire Officer/ CEO, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, UK); Dr. Gavriil Xanthopoulos (Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems and Forest Products Technology, Greece); Prof. Dr. Johann G. Goldammer (Director, GFMC); Dr. Yoon Young-kyoon (Director General, KFRI); Prof. Dr. Ryu Soung-ryoul (University of Alberta, Canada); Prof. Dr. Nikola Nikolov (Director, Regional SE Europe / Caucasus Fire Monitoring Center, FYR Macedonia); Dr. Nam Song-hee (Director, Division of Forest Fire Control, KFS); Prof. Dr. Lee Si-young (Kangwon National University).

Second row, from Left to Right: Prof. Dr.Kim Eung-sik (Hoseo University); Prof. Dr. Park Pil-sun (Seoul National University); Dr.Shin Joon-Hwan (Director Genera, Korea National Arboretum, KFS); Dr. Lee Myung-bo (Director General, Department of Forest Conservation, KFRI); Dr. Kim Hyeon-Sik (Director General, Department of Forest Protection, KFS); Dr. Baik Eul-Sun (Director General, Korea Forestry Promotion Institute); Dr. Baek, Jong-ho (Director General, Forest Training Institute, KFS).


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