UNin Irkutsk

9September 2005


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Therepresentatives of the organization hold conference in Asia countries in whichthere is a heavy situation with forest fires. Last action happened in Kyrgyzstan.Today the representatives of Germany, Korea, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia andRussia conducted a seminar in Irkutsk on the base of East-Siberian Institute ofthe Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We mustfight fires jointly. This was the call of UN representatives on the seminar. Inthe judgement of the foreigners, flame element does not pay attention to stateborders. For example, 5 from 7 ignitions in Russian in 2004 have spread toMongolia territory. Even Japan separated by the sea, suffers. The satellitesregister the thick smoke over the Country of the Rising Sun after every big firein the Far East. As ever, there is no means for suppression of big by areafires. All the equipment of the fighters is backpack spray with 20 l of water.There are not many of planes-extinguishers Be-200 and they are very expensive.This seminar, according to the organizers, must really help to the states ofCentral Asia. Alexey Daneev, doctor of technical sciences: “Seminar elaboratesrecommendations on simulation of forest fires, on forecasting of theirappearance, spreading, estimations of losses due to forest fires”. Theserecommendations will be passed by the consultative group to UN and governmentsof Asia where forests are in flame regularly. UN thinks that before theirrecommendations the governments of Russia, China, Mongolia and Korea did notknow what to do with fires. Johann Goldammer, director of GFMC: “Even if thestates or the governments have information on forest fires situation, they notalways have enough resources to overcome it. Thus, one of the important tasks isto call to concentrate resources of the governments on the serious forest fireproblems” Mr. Goldammer thinks that the group organized by him will solve theproblem on the intellectual level and the task of the governments is to financethe elaborations of the scientists. But the firefighters say – UN better solvethe financial problem and what and where is burning competent structures knowwithout foreign assistance. Due to the shortage of money last year Russia lost22 million ha of the forest. By area this is more than seven hundred cities ofIrkutsk size.




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