Regional Australasia Wildland Fire Network

 A Region of the Global Wildland Fire Network

   Wildland Fire Science in Australasia

Information on wildland fire science and research projects and programmes will be added to this web page in early 2003.

The Bushfire Cooperative Research Center (CRC)
The Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre has been conducting research into the social, environmental and economic impacts of bushfires since 2003. Its mission is to enhance the management of the bushfire risk to the community in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner and is made up of all the fire and land management agencies in Australia and New Zealand and several other fire-related organizations.

CSIRO Bushfire Behaviour and Management Team
The CSIRO Bushfire Behaviour and Management Team conducts research and develops technologies to increase understanding of, and ability to manage, bushfires as an integral part of the sustainable management of Australia’s landscape.

CSIRO Environmental Remote Sensing Research Group
The Environmental Remote Sensing Research Group at CSIRO Land and Water has been involved in the use of remotely sensed data for environmental applications and natural resource mapping for close to 25 years. The group operates Sentinel system, based on the daily-overpass MODIS sensor, for use in continental-scale bushfire and other emergencies mapping.

New Zealand Forest and Rural Fire Research
Research projects conducted by the Forest and Rural Fire Research Programme of New Zealand include fire behavior modeling, Grassland curing, fire climate, Tussock fire ecology, the New Zealand Fire Danger Rating System and technology transfer. The Forest and Rural Fire research programme, based at Forest Research, has been invited to join the Bushfire Cooperative Research Center (CRC) supported by the Australian government (see above).


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