Regional Australasia Wildland Fire Network

A Region of the Global Wildland Fire Network

       Background Information, Regional and
National Wildland Fire Reports

Country Reports published in UN-FAO/ECE International Forest Fire News (IFFN)
The following IFFN publications published in International Forest Fire News IFFNinclude reports from the AFAC member countries Australia, and New Zealand as well as Fiji.

FAO Global Forest Fire Assessment 1990-2000
The Global Fire Report includes an Oceania Region Fire Assessment (Chapter 5). The complete file can be downloaded on the FAO and the GFMC websites at:

FAO Regional Wildland Fire Assessment 2005
As a supplement and complement to the Global Forest Resources Assessment, 2005, twelve regional reports published as Working Paper have been prepared by regional and country contributing authors to provide a greater depth of data and information on fire incidence, impact, and management issues relating to the twelve UN-ISDRRegional Wildland Fire Networks around the world.

Black Saturday Fires in Australia (7 February 2009)
In the aftermath of the Victorian bushfires of 7 February 2009 – the worst in the nation’s recorded history – both civil society and government responded by wrapping up experiences, lessons learned and formulated action to be taken.

Integrating the Management of Wildfire-Related Risks in Rural Land and Forest Management
The Forest Fire Management Group (FFMG) is a committee of Australian and New Zealand land management agencies with responsibility for forest fire management, plus representatives from research and education organizations and the forest industry. FFMG reports to the Forestry and Forest Products Committee (FFPC) which is comprised of the heads of Australian Commonwealth, State, Territories and New Zealand government forestry agencies. The FFPC is a sub committee of the Australian Primary Industries Ministerial Council. In May 2013 FFMC published a scoping paper entitled “Integrating the Management of Wildfire-Related Risks in Rural Land and Forest Management Legislation and Policies. National Bushfire Management Policy Statement for Forests and Rangelands”

National Bushfire Management Policy Statement for Forests and Rangelands (2014)
This policy statement and supporting strategies have been developed by the Forest Fire Management Group all Australian governments to guide the evolution of effective and ecologically sustainable fire regimes within Australia. It builds on experience gained across Australia and assists in developing a more coordinated approach. This policy lays the foundation for future bushfire management in Australia, and ensures that Australia will continue to be a global leader and innovator of bushfire management. The policy focuses on the management of fire in forests and rangelands:


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