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AdvancedFire Information System (AFIS)

The Advanced Fire Information System (AFIS) is being developed as a service module of the Wide Area Monitoring Information System (WAMIS), which will deliver fire information products to the Fire Protection Agencies and Disaster managers all over Southern Africa in support of effective decision-making in the monitoring of natural and manmade fires over the Southern African Development Community region.

WAMIS is a satellite based information approach, which will provide satellite products and services to regional users concerned with:

  • Disaster management (fire monitoring, floods, cold spells, oil spills)
  • Early warning systems (fire, drought, desertification)
  • Renewable resources and environmental monitoring
  • NEPAD initiatives
  • Research, development and training activities


The Advanced Fire Monitoring System (AFIS) app is now available
(click here for more information)



The goal of the Wide Area Monitoring Information System is to:

  • Provide a wide area coverage and monitoring information service  
  • Using a suite of low to medium resolution satellite sensors
  • For natural resource monitoring over the southern African region
  • Delivering timely products and information to the national and regional user community on a non-profit basis

The AFIS will produce information products regarding the prediction, detection and assessment of fires using Remote Sensing and GIS technology through an automated near real time Web GIS portal. The first phase of the project is the automated mapping of the active fires.  The South African National Department of Agriculture has provided seed funding to upgrade the CSIR Satellite Applications Centre facilities to receive and process MODIS data. Geostationary Meteosat 8 (MSG) data will also be used within the AFIS – Southern African Web Fire Mapper.

The MODIS and MSG Seviri sensors are detecting hot spots throughout day and night providing a continuous picture of active fires in Southern Africa. Each fire detected is represented spatially within 30 minutes of a satellite overpass on a Web GIS system. The MODIS sensor provides fire locations every 5 – 6 hours while the MSG data will be updated every 30 minutes covering all of Africa.


Example of an e-mail alert from 19 August 2003:

Email Generated 8/19/2004 2:15:41 AM

Latitude Longitude BT Scan Track Date Time Sat Conf -25.862 29.173 305.3 1.1 1.4 2004-08-18 2057 T 27 -27.391 31.586 313.2 1 1.1 2004-08-18 1131 A 59 -27.242 31.207 326.3 1 1.2 2004-08-18 1131 A 88 -27.244 31.195 324.2 1 1.2 2004-08-18 1131 A 86 -27.109 31.076 310.4 1 1.2 2004-08-18 1131 A 37 -26.956 31.063 310.7 1 1.2 2004-08-18 1131 A 46 -25.722 30.223 312.6 1.1 1.2 2004-08-18 1131 A 61 -27.372 30.036 315.4 0 0 2004-08-18 0900 M 0 -26.066 29.479 310.3 0 0 2004-08-18 1045 M 0 -26.099 29.49 312.5 0 0 2004-08-18 1045 M 0 -26.099 29.49 306 0 0 2004-08-18 1100 M 0 -25.941 31.808 312.7 0 0 2004-08-18 1300 M 0 -25.941 31.808 312.7 0 0 2004-08-18 1300 M 0 -25.941 31.808 312.7 0 0 2004-08-18 1300 M 0 -25.941 31.808 312.7 0 0 2004-08-18 1300 M 0 -25.941 31.808 312.7 0 0 2004-08-18 1300 M 0 -26.559 30.289 319.9 0 0 2004-08-18 1545 M 0 -26.561 30.328 311.9 0 0 2004-08-18 1545 M 0 18 Active fire records detected/processed in your region of interest
Region of Interest:
Min Lat: -27.4 Min Long: 29.08 Max Lat: -24.4 Max Long: 32.08
BT= Brightness Temperature (Kelvin)
Date= Date of MODIS acquisition
Sat=Satellite (A=Aqua,T=Terra,M=MSG*)

To view activefire information with other GIS layers or to query the full active fire database visit AFIS- Web Fire Mapper

Frequently Asked Questions or Contact us

Please note that clouds might obscure active fire detections.
To view active fire information for other regions go to Web Fire Mapper

Please note the jgw file attached to this email is a world file containing georeferencing information for the jpeg image. To view the jpeg image in a local GIS, save the jgw and the jpeg image with the same name (e.g FireAlert.jpg and FireAlert.jgw) to a common folder.

* Please note: MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) are meteorology satellites and the fire detection algorithm for MSG is still in development phase and should be used with caution. It has not been validated but has been included in these email alerts as some end users are finding the results very useful. Please send any feedback on the MSG detections to Philip Frost. For more info Click here.

MODIS Rapid Response (MRR) and the University of Maryland (UMD) do not warrant that any data, database, or other information generated by use of the data or database will be error-free.  The data is provided ”as is” and MRR and UMD make no representations or express or implied warranties of any kind, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  The recipient institution agrees that it shall not make any warranties pertaining to the data or databases to any third party on MRR’s or UMD’s behalf.


NEW (September 2013)

Advanced Fire Monitoring System (AFIS)

The Advanced Fire Monitoring System (AFIS) app is now available:

AFIS is a satellite-based fire information tool that provides near real-time fire information to users across the globe. The AFIS app integrates the various AFIS services in a fully-featured, easy-to-use mobile application. AFIS currently provides information for the following regions:

  • Fire history and statistics: Global
  • Vegetation curing: United States, Africa, Australia
  • Fire danger forecast: Southern Africa (5 days), United States (3 days)
  • Active fires: Southern Africa, United States and Europe




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