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  • Training on Techniques of Eco Friendly Wild Honey Harvesting – Capacity Building Series (2007- 2008) (27-29 December 2007, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India)
    Due to the lack of awareness and alternative scientific methods, honey is still being gathered from wild bees by smoking and burning methods. This causes tremendous loss to ecosystem because burning of adult bees hampers the natural process of cross-pollination in flowering vegetation and it also leads to big forest fires especially during the summer months. Very recently, bee-scientists have developed eco-friendly management practices even for wild bee-species like Apis dorsata.
  • A workshop “Forest Fires in India” was held in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, 19 to 23 February 2007 for the preparation of a research project on wild land fires in India. The proceedings comprise extended abstracts of the presentations made during the workshop and a summary of the discussions during the workshop. The workshop was organized by the Institute of Silviculture, University of Freiburg(Germany), ATREE Bangalore and Delhi (India) and the Evergreen Trust, Genguvarpatti (India). It was supported by funds from the Foundation for Ecological Security, Anand (India) and ATREE.
  • Proceedings Forest Fire Workshop, Madurai, 2007 (PDF, 0.5 MB)


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