Nelspruit Declaration

Regional Subsahara Wildland Fire Network (Afrifirenet)
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Nelspruit Declaration


The Advanced Wildland Fire Management Course, A Joint UN Inter-Agency Training Course for the SADC Region (Sponsored by the German Foreign Office, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance, and jointly conducted with the United Nations University, Institute for Environment and Human Security – UNU-EHS) was held in Nelspruit, South Africa, 30 May – 5 June 2004.

The significance of wildland fire in Sub-Sahara Africa, particularly in the SADC region, in shaping fire-adapted and highly productive ecosystems vs. its destructive role of excessive fire threatening the sustainability of natural and land-use systems, requires human resources and capacities enabled to deal with the complexity of the issue. Considering the recent progresses made by cooperation in wildland fire science and management, including wildland fire disaster mitigation and response, it is necessary to provide senior-level officials from SADC countries with an updated and comprehensive advanced fire management training / capacity-building package. The package coverd (a) an introduction to African fire ecology, (b) fuel and fire management, (c) fire prevention, (d) fire-use, (e) fire fighting, (f) fire behaviour prediction, (g) fire monitoring using remote sensing tools, (h) fire early warning systems and application, and (i) international cooperation in wildland fire management. 

The course ended up to be a regional consultation on cooperation in wildland fire management. This is very well reflected by the Nelspruit Declaration.


Course Delagates on a field trip visiting a “Working on Fire” HotshotCrew




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