Understanding the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System

Understanding the Fire Weather Index (FWI)System

(Interactive Multimedia Training)

FIRES Course # 113    The Hinton Training Centre

Course Description

Understanding the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System is the latest multimedia,interactive CD-ROM based wildfire-training course produced by the HintonTraining Centre in concert with Christie Communications. Production of thecourse, which was completed in association with the Canadian Forest Service inAugust of 2002, also involved the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire CentreNational Training Working Group. The course offers a comprehensive introductionto the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index (FWI) System, one of the majorsubsystems or modules of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System. The FWISystem consists of three fuel moisture codes and three fire behaviour indexesthat provide relative numerical ratings of various aspects of wildfire potential(i.e., ignition, duff consumed, smouldering/persistence, spread rate, total fuelconsumption, and intensity) based on four weather observations.

Understanding the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System contains 14 video clips,219 audio clips, and 656 graphics/photos, on-line help, a glossary, aSI-to-imperial unit conversion calculator, and the “FWI Calculator”,used to determine the six standard components of the FWI System for two broadregions in both the northern and southern hemispheres. The course CD-ROM alsoincludes a calculator that allows for the over-winter adjustment to the springstarting value of the FWI System’s Drought Code.

Understanding the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System was developed and reviewedby a national team of fire danger rating specialists representing the interestsand expertise of research, operations, and training. Each of the four mainsections comprising the course (“Overview”, “Fuel MoistureCodes”, and “Fire Behaviour Indexes and Applications”) isfollowed by a test in preparation for a final exam that is tracked by thecomputer. The section tests involve a “match” game methodology: foreach correct answer, a match goes out, and for each incorrect answer, a matchrekindles. Once all of the matches are out, the user has completed the test.Understanding the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System requires approximately 6 hoursto complete. Users can take the course in instalments using the book-markingfeature that allows them to return to where they left off.

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