Recent forest fires in the Russian Federation

23 June 2017

Active fires and accumulated locations of the fires (above map) and size of burnt area between 1 March and 23 June 2017 in Irkutsk Region, Russian Far East and Siberia shown on the map (as 23 June 2017, Source: Krasnoyarsk Joint Science Center for Satellite Remote Sensing). The maps are generated daily by the Sukachev Institute of Forest, Remote Sensing Laboratory, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation. For official information on the status of wildfires in the territory of the Russian Federation see the website of the Federal Forest Service of Russia:

Wildfires in Central-Southern Siberia depicted on 22 June 2017 by MODIS instrument on NASA’s satellite Aqua. Click on the images for downloading the upper high-resolution image and the lower detailed zoom. Source: NASA.

On 23 June 2017 Aqua MODIS acquired this image showing dense smoke plumes spreading northeast toward Yakutsk. Red outlines on each image are active fires detected by MODIS. Click on the image for downloading the upper high-resolution image and the lower detailed zoom. Source: NASA.

Fire Weather Index (FWI) and Drought Code maps for Eurasia for 22 June 2017 generated by the Eurasian Experimental Fire Weather Information System. Note: The components of the Fire Weather Index and the meteorological data below are updated daily at ca. 15:00 GMT/UTC by the Northern Forestry Centre, Canada, and accessible through the GFMC. In the list below the latest maps (including the FWI) can be downloaded. These maps will provide the information at the date of clicking on the link. The Eurasian Experimental Fire Weather Information System can be accessed at:

Fire Weather Index Components

Meteorological Data

Wildfire Sitrep to GFMC by the Aerial Forest Fire Center Avialesookhrana

On 25 June 2017 89 forest fires, which had affected an area of 7 644 ha, were controlled. A total of 859 fire response ground units and 47 aircraft involved 4 806 firefighters. Today 202 active forest fires are burning on an area of 54 616 ha. Most severely affected are the following regions:

–         Republic of Tuva: 23 fires on forest lands covering 24 609 ha

–         Irkutsk region: 29 fires on forest lands covering 8 988 ha

–         Krasnoyarsk region: 45 fires on forest lands covering 6 659 ha

–         Republic of Buryatia:32 fires on forest lands covering 4 853 ha

Recent news from and about fires burning in Russia (including 2016)

Book Publication on the Use of Prescribed Fire in the Russian Federation (published May 2013)

Background on Wildland Fires in the Russian Federation

Bibliography on fire in ecosystems of boreal Eurasia
One of the results of the first international fire science conference in the Russian Federation (1993) was the publication of a monograph on fire in boreal Eurasia, including some selected contributions on boreal North America. The literature cited in the monograph contains numerous publications which in many cases are not easily accessible. To facilitate literature search the bibliographical sources are provided by topic (chapter).
Goldammer, J.G. and V.V. Furyaev. 1996. Fire in Ecosystems of Boreal Eurasia. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 390 p.


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