Fires in Greece

Fires in Greece

28 August 2009

Several forest fires occurred since 21 August 2009 in the region Attica, north-eastern of Athens, Greece. The fires destroyed thousands of hectares of forest and agricultural areas. Many residents had to be evacuated from their homes.

The maps show detailed damage information for the region around Grammatiko, derived from IKONOS satellite data acquired on 26 August 2009.

26 August, IKONOS

26 August, IKONOS

The prefecture Euboea was also affected by fires. The map shows the burnt areas derived by the analysis of ALOS AVNIR-2 satellite data acquired on 25 August 2009 and the location of active fire hot spots on different days.

25 August, ALOS AVNIR-2


The current situation in Greece is covered by a number of detailed reports (see GFMC Media web page):


Previous situation updates on the GFMC website at:



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