Fires in Kenya

 Fires in Kenya

30 March 2009

Situation report from Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre, 26 March 2009:


This report covers fires that date back to 31st December 2009 in Makueni District. We have since then had serious fire outbreaks in many forests all over the country. This state is attributed to prolonged drought conditions, heavy fuel loads in the forests and inaccessibility of the forests.
The fires increased early in the week, within the Mau Complex, Mt Kenya ecosystem, Aberdare area, but, reports show that the response is gaining grounds so far. The predicted fire behavior isn’t good at all as long as the rains continue to delay.

The continuing fires are in Nakuru, Koibatek, Lariak, Meru South in Chogoria and the Kipipiri forest areas. Most of the fires in Kipipiri have been put off except 2 fires. The DFO’s are mopping up the fires and monitoring the situation.
One Arsonist has been arrested in Kipipiri and two have run away, but the DFO is on their trail.
Two arsonists were arrested in Sururu last week and will be taken to court soon.
4 arsonists have also been arrested at Koibatek Forest station today and taken to Eldama Ravine Police station.
No response from NYS so in the stations so far.


All support teams should come with

  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Rations and water
  • Own transport


  • No fire fighting equipment
  • Water and rations are in short supply
  • Coordination and of resources in the field is a challenge
  • Communication between the various resources a challenge
  • Mobility of KFS crews a big problem

Support required

  • Rations and water
  • First aid equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Hand pumps
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Aerial fire bombers


Request for Assistance

During the past days the Kenyan agencies dealing with the situation have requested assistance in form of a Incident Management Team from South Africa (WoF / AfriFireNet), additional hand tools, protective equipment and rations. Aerial support for surveillance and suppression was also requested.
GFMC, UNEP/OCHA, AfriFireNet, Working on Fire WoF , EcoTerra together with the Kenya Forest Service (Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife),  are active to facilitate the international response. (read full request)


29 March

Click on scene for a 250m resolution and zoom-in.
29 March 2009
Source: MODIS

28 March, fires of past 48 hours

27 March, Mau fires Scenes showing the distribution and concentration of wildfires in the last 48h (N.B.: The green-shaded areas are National Parks (only identical here with forests on Mount Kenya) while the most numerous fires you see in the brown-shaded areas north-west of Nairobi, which is the Mau forest complex (one of the most essential water towers of Kenya).

27 March, MODIS Close-Up

23 March, MODIS Close_Up

Situation report from Kenya Forest Service, 25 March 2009

“The forest and park fires have devastated large area of Natural and plantation forests as reported on BBC.
Kenya Forest Service has received support from the National Disaster Operation Centre which is organising and dispatching resourses to the affected areas. More details will be sent through an attachment later today.
All our staff are currently out to the  fire sites.
We need help as the situation is worsening. We have run short of firefighting tools and equipment. However, we have abundance of crews from Kenya Forest Service, Military, National Youth Service and members of community.
We need urgent help for more Hand tools, personal protective equipment,  pumps and aerial support.
This bad situation is expected to worsen as the long rains have delayed. “

For further information please also vist the GFMC media and news page at:

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