Fires in Kenya

 Fires in Southern Africa

25 March 2009

Sitaution report from Kenya Forest Service, 25 March 2009

“The forest and park fires have devastated large area of Natural and plantation forests as reported on BBC.
Kenya Forest Service has received support from the National Disaster Operation Centre which is organising and dispatching resourses to the affected areas. More details will be sent through an attachment later today.
All our staff are currently out to the  fire sites.   
We need help as the situation is worsening. We have run short of firefighting tools and equipment. However, we have abundance of crews from Kenya Forest Service, Military, National Youth Service and members of community.
We need urgent help for more Hand tools, personal protective equipment,  pumps and aerial support.
This bad situation is expected to worsen as the long rains have delayed. ” 


24 March

 24 March 2009
Source: MODIS


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