Fires in SEA

Fires in South East Asia

9 September 2008

Within August 2008, the intensity of forest and land fires increased significantly. It was due to hot dry season and exacerbated by many land burning practices. August 2008 is part of the peak of the dry season, and the dry season has not ended up yet. It means that we must be still on alert to the occurrence of hotspot (fires) in the next months.

The current information of land and forest fires can be found in Fire Bulletin (FB-21), see below.

Borneo Hotspot Distribution Map August 2008

Sumatra Hotspot Distribution Map August 2008


WWF Fire Bulletin for South East Asia

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has resumed the periodic publication of the Fire Bulleting – a weekly information on fire, haze, and related issues in Indonesia.

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