Fires in Russia

Forest Fires in the Russian Federation

16 May 2008

Avialesookhrana from the National Forest Fire Centre of Russia provides up-to-date NOAA images for the whole of the Russian Federation and neighbour territories. The Space Monitoring Information Support Laboratory provides extensive links to sites with satellite imagery for the Russian Federation, meteorological information as well as fire related images are accessible.

The NOAA AVHRR satellite image composite shows fire activities in the Russian Federation.

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Latest (16 May 2008 04:00 GMT) NOAA 12&14 AVHRR composite
The red squares indicate regions of active fires (MODIS Detection). For details the GFMC readers are encouraged to use the hyperlinks provided by Avialesookhrana, the Aerial Forest Fire Protection Service of the Federal Forest service of Russia.
(Source:Avialesookhrana cloudiness maps)

Fire situation report of  the Aerial Forest Fire Protection Service of Russia (Avialesookhrana)

According to the wildfire situation report of 15 May 2008 a total of 517 fires affected 15,483 ha forested and 6,815 ha non-forested lands, 278 fires of them were reported as a new fires.
Through all of Russia 6,109 people, 52 aircraft, 1,362 bulldozers, tractors and engines have been involved in fire fighting.

Since the beginning of the 2008 fire season a total of 13,084 fires affected 401,421 ha forested and 470,994 ha non-forested lands of the Forest Fund of Russia .

Most fires have been reported in the following regions:

  • Zabaikalie (Chita) – 89;

  • Irkutsk – 104;

  • Buriatia – 54.

There are large fires in following regions:

  • Zabaikalie (Chita) – 52 fires, burning area 10,490 ha;

  • Tuva – 16 fires, 2,850 ha

  • Buriatia – 6 fires, 3,050 ha

Source: Aerial Forest Fire Center of Russia (Avialesookhrana), prepared for GFMC by Andrey Eritsov

For more details on fire in the Russian Federation:

Bibliography on fire in ecosystems of boreal Eurasia:
One of the results of the first international fire science conference in the Russian Federation (1993) was the publication of a monograph on fire in boreal Eurasia, including some selected contributions on boreal North America. The literature cited in the monograph contains numerous publications which in many cases are not easily accessible. To facilitate literature search the bibliographical sources are provided by topic (chapter).
Goldammer, J.G. and V.V.Furyaev. 1996. Fire in Ecosystems of Boreal Eurasia. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 390 p.

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