Fires in Russia

Fires in Russian Federation

11 March 2008

Fires North of Amur River, Russia

Agricultural spring fires and carelessly abandoned camp /barbecue fires from last weekend’s celebrations have been run out of control onthe territories North of the Amur River along the Russia-China border. The Moderate ResolutionImaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) onNASA’s Aqua satellite captured this imageon 8 March 2008. Thewinter-barren land in the river valley is tan, but burned areas are deep brown.The surrounding forests are deep green and mingled with patches of snow.

10 March 2008

Click here to view high-resolution version (1.06MB)

(source: earth observatory)

The enlarged fire map shows examples of fires burning in the meandering
riversystems – places that are visited for leisure during weekends.
Unattendedcampfires and barbecue fires are the cause of widespread wildfires.

This MODIS Aqua satellite scene of 11 March 2008 captured
the fire smoke drifting from Russia’s Far East to Japan.
(source: NASA)

This TOMS Aerosol Index map of 11 March 2008 from
the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) provides today’s
aerosol conditions of the areas.
(source: NASA GSFC)

Visual impressions:

Thephotographs taken by the Pacific Forest Forum today (11 March 2008) show severe fire smoke pollution in the Khabarovsk urban area:

Aerialviews of burned areas in Khabarovsk Krai – Impressionsof a post-fire survey (at the Third Meeting of the RegionalNortheast Asia Wildland Fire Network, 28 to 30 September 2006, Khabarovsk,Russia):


MediaReports on Fire Smoke Pollution in Khabarovsk:

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