Balkan Forest Fires

The Balkans Forest Fires 

2 August 2007

The fireexpert deployed by the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) to Kosovo on Sunday29 July 2007, on request of UNDP and the OCHA-UNEP Joint Environment Unit hasreturned to GFMC. The fire situation eased significantly after light showers onWednesday morning. Should fire weather conditions get worse again, the risk for bigger fires in Kosovo remain high.

Thelatest satellite image (MODIS) shows the locations of fires in the Balkanregion:

TERRA satellite 1 August 2007 09:31 UTC

Source: DLR / MODIS

Due to decreasing temperatures and local rainfall the situationhas eased significantly in most regions. However, it is expected that many firesmay flare up again when the rains do not continue for a longer period!


Albania again requested international assistence, coordinatedthrough NATO. There is mainly a lack of fire fighting equipment . The request isidentical with the one issued by Macedonia on the 25 July 2007.

Bosnia and Herzegowina

Suppression activities are going to be continued. There is nomore need for international assistence.


Decreasing temperatures and rains helped to ease the firesituation significantly. There is no more need for international assistence.


The fires are contained yet not extinguished. According to UNOCHA / UNEP Environmental Unit thereis no more need for international assistence.


The situation remains unchanged. However, there is some reliefin some of the regions.

Fordocumentation of the fires in the Balkan region and neighbouring South Europeancountries see:

Seealso the GFMC Media page:

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