Fires in USA

Fires in the USA

16 April 2007

Fires in the Southern Midwest

On 4 April 2007, dozens of fires were burning in the southern portions of theU.S. Midwest. Marked with red dots in this image from the Moderate ResolutionImaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) onNASA’s Aqua satellite, the fires arescattered across Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Winds are blowingnearly due south, stretching smoke plumes from several of the fires. Though muchof the landscape has “greened up” with the arrival of spring, higherelevations, such as the Ouachita Mountains, are still showing winter brown.

4 April 2007

The large image provided above has a spatial resolution (level of detail) of500 meters per pixel.

(source: EarthObservatory)

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