February Fire in Arizona

February Fire in Arizona

18February 2006

North of Payson, Arizona, an early-season fire broke out in the rugged terrain along the Mogollon Rim in the Tonto National Forest on6 February 2006. The fire spread south and southwest through a landscape ofchaparral, pine, and juniper for more than a week. It eventually burned through about 4,243 acres(about 17 square kilometers) before firefighters contained it.

15 February 2006
15:55 hrs UTC

(source: EarthObservatory)

This false-color image captured on 15 February  by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer(ASTER) on NASA’s Terra satellite shows the charcoal-colored burn scar left by the blaze. In this type of image, vegetation appears red, the burned area is charcoal, and bare or thinly vegetated ground appears tan. These tan areas shows the rim’s highest elevations. According to reports on the USDA Forest Service’s regional Website, the fire appears to have started from an abandoned campfire.

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