Fires in Chile

Firesin Central Chile

9January 2006

The forest fires in Chile´s V. Region  have not been brought undercomplete control due to severe weather conditions The fires occurred at thefundo San Isidro in Villa Alemana on Saturday and have been fanned by hightemperatures and strong gusts.

The National Office  for  Emergency of the Ministry of the Interior(Onemi) declared highest danger level (´red´) before the fires started, whichhave devastated about 300 ha of pastures, shrublands and native woodlands so farand are only few meters away from Wilson, a small settlement in Peñablanca.

8 January 2006
18:30 UTC

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Fire fighting operations involve two air tankers, fire crews fromCorporación Nacional Forestal(Conaf), regular fire fighters from Villa Alemana, Quilpue and Viña del Mar aswell as military forces.

Another blaze was reported from the sector Los Coligües in Viña del Mar, thathas consumed 40 ha of woodland so far.

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