Fires in Bhutan

Firesin Bhutan

5January 2006

Fire destroys forest in Thimphu

The first forest fire of the year, one of the largest that Thimphu dzongkhag had seen, destroyed more than 200 acres of coniferous forest, according to the forestry officials.

The raging flames burn on the hills overlooking Thimphu late yesterday evening

Personnel from Royal Bhutan Army, Royal Bhutan Police, Royal Body Guards, volunteers from the neighbouring area, and forestry officials were battling the flames since yesterday.

According to the divisional forest officer, Lobzang Dorji, the fire had started from above the sewage tank in Babesa at about 11:30 am and crossed over the valley above Changzamtog.

By Tuesday evening, Lobzang Dorji said that it was more difficult and risky for the firefighters to continue unless the wind will be stopping in the morning.

The cause and the full extent of the damage was yet to be known. Another forest fire, caused by people who had smoked in the area, had destroyed a few acres of forest above the Motithang Zoo about 15 days ago.

Latest MODIS scenes showing the fire in Bhutan

5 January 2006
07:10 UTC

click on image for a 500 m resolution

This false-color image captured by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite on 5 January 2006, shows the upper valleys among the southern slopes of the Himalaya range dotted with active fires (red dots) and burn scars from recent fires (brownish red patches).

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