Fires in New Caledonia

Firesin NewCaledonia

30 December 2005

Since 23 December 2005, a severe fire is devastating the south of NewCaledonia near Mont-Doré. Flared up by strong winds and extreme dry conditions,the fire destroyed about 2500 ha of forest so far, threatening the naturereserves of Mont-Koghis, Rivière Blanche and Montagne des Sources.

28 December 2005
02:25 hrs UTC

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Some 800 firefighters are required for fires of that magnitude, but only aquarter has been available to date and more helicopters are needed to help put out the fires.If the fire is not extinguished quickly, there may be serious environmentalrepercussions.

Mostly birds, small animals and invertebrates will be affected and the firesare burning in  the mountains where parts of the water supply for Noumea,New Caledonia´s capital, is coming from, so in the next month and year, there willbe problems in getting water enough for the people in Noumea and the area around Noumea

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