Forest Fire in southern Chile


Forest Fires in southern Chile 

24 February 2005

On 17 February 2005 a forest fire started in “Laguna Azul – Torres del Paine National Park”, Magallanes Region in southern Chile. It was caused by accident through a camp fire near Laguna Azul.  Torres del Paine National Park, administered by CONAF, covers 242.000 ha, of which by 23 February 13.880 ha have been affected.

The following maps show the location of the incident:

Map taken from Microsoft Encarta Interactive World Atlas 2000

The following is a NOAA-16 image of the area affected (19 February 2005):

Hundreds of firefighters, troops and forest rangers are struggling to control or put out the fires which has destroyed more than 14,000 acres of the Torres del Paine National Park (one of the most famous parks in the southern Patagonias region) since it began more than five days ago. BBC News report stated that the fire was started by a tourist dropping a gas cooker when he was camping illegally (outside of an official camping area). (Source: OSEII)

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On 23 February 2005 Argentina activated its support to collaborate in controlling the fire at Laguna Azul, National Park Torres del Paine, XII Region, Chile. The following pictures show the Forest Fire Brigades and a Hercules plane of the Argentinian Air Force on their way to Chile. 

Fernando Epele, Coordinator of the National Fire Management Plan of Argentina expresses his satisfaction on the collaboration: “Más allá de la ayuda que esperamos que sea de utilidad al país hermano, la experiencia nuestra fue invalorable ya que siendo Argentina un país federal las brigadas pertenecen a las jurisdicciones esto es para el caso, 3 provincias de Patagonia (Chubut, Neuquén y Santa Cruz), Parques Nacionales y la Brigada Nacional (esa es la única Brigada propia del PNMF (Plan Nacional de Manejo del Fuego) que asiste a las jurisdicciones provinciales y Parques si lo solicitan). En conclusión nos permitió poner a prueba la organización de nuestros recursos como un Sistema Federal, y el resultado en alistamiento y despacho fue muy satisfactorio.” 


Several photographs of the incident have been published in the newspaper:

(Source: El Mercurio, 24 February 2005)


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