GFMC: Bush and Forest Fires in Australia

Bush Fires in Western Australia

17 January 2005

17/01/2005. ABC News Online
Weather hampers firefighting efforts in Perth

Weather conditions are hampering emergency crews in their efforts to contain a large bushfire in the hills south-east of Perth.

Firefighters made significant progress overnight towards containing the fire at Pickering Brook and Karagullen.

But a change in wind direction early this morning caused the fire to jump the Brookton Highway and move into another area of state forest.

Alan Briggs from the Department of Conservation and Land Management says with the maximum temperature expected to reach 38 degrees Celsius today crews have a fight on their hands.

“With the winds picking up and swinging to the north, north-easterly, north we are going to have a lot of pressure on our southern boundary,” he said.

“The increasing temperatures will just encourage the fire to run.

“So we’ll be vigilant all day today.”

Firefighters battle blazes on the outskirts of Perth. (ABC)



Latest MODIS Satellite Scenes from 17 January 2005:

17 January 2005
05:45 UTC

(Image courtesy MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC)



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