Fires in Canada

Fires in Canada
26 July 2004

Flowing southeastward in a graceful arc, a plume of smoke fromfires in northern Canada—and perhaps from other fires in eastern Alaska—stretches across this image centered on Manitoba, Canada, west of the southerntip of Hudson Bay on July 25, 2004. The Moderate Resolution ImagingSpectroradiometer (MODIS)on NASA’s Terra satellitecaptured this image of the plume snaking its way toward Lake Superior, at bottomright. The smoke from fires in Alaska and Canada has reached southward all theway to the Gulf Coast (Source: EarthObservatory).

Image based on data from the MODISRapid Response Team, NASA-GSFC


The NASAGoddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) provides a daily update of the TotalOzone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) products. Earth Probe TOMS depictsaerosols emitted from vegetation fires, desert dust storms and other sources.The Today’s AerosolConditions from Earth Probe provides daily updated global TOMSAerosol Index maps.


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