Wildland Fires in the Horn of Africa Region

WildlandFires inthe Horn of Africa Region

03 December 2003

Following the request by the Ministry for Agriculture, Government of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, the GFMC is now providing regular update information on the increasing wildland fire danger in East Africa, especially in the Horn of Africa Region.

The following MODIS scene shows fires burning in Ethiopia on 02 of December west of Lake Tana.

Further below the satellite-derived vegetation health map and the global fire potential, as well as the weather-based ECPC Africa fire weather index map are displayed.

For more information on drought in East Africa see the East Africa Famine Early Warning Systems Network: http://www.fews.net/east/

Latest satellite scene

10:30 UTC (Aqua Satellite)

This image was captured on 02 December 2003 by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), provided with resolution of 2 km and 500 m respectively.
Active fires are marked with red dots.  (Source: MODIS).

Satellite-derived vegetation health map

The general stress situation is higher this year as compared to 2002. This is an indication of possible fire problems in the country.
(Source: NOAA/NESDIS Current Vegetation Health Image Maps)

Global fire potential

Latest weekly global fire potential product map (upper scene) and
comparison with the situation in the previous month (map below)
(Source: NOAA/NESDIS Experimental Fire Potential Product)

ECPC Africa Fire Weather Index map

Fire Weather Index (FWI) forecast for tomorrow.
(Source: ECPC Fire Weather Index Forecast)

Information on the fire situation in Ethiopia: See IFFN special reports at:

Further information on the fire emergency situation in Ethiopia (March 2000) can be obtained at:

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