GFMC: Bush and Forest Fires in Australia

Fires in Australia

07 November 2003

Latest Satellite Images  from  Australia:

Heat signatures (red), burn scars (dark green to charcoal), and smoke (light blue haze) are visible from fires burning on the Cape York Peninsula in Australia.


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11/07/2003 0105 UTC
pixel size 1km, true color 11/07/2003 0110 UTC
pixel size 500m, true color

Heat signatures (red) and smoke  are visible from the fires burning on the Cape York Peninsula in Australiain this false-color MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) imagesfrom the Terra satellite.

Fire Weather Forecast for the Pacific Region

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Fire Weather Index for the
Pacific Region for tomorrow.
(Source: ECPCFire Weather Index Forecast)

Australia´s fire seasons

  • More Information on Australian Fires: IFFN country notes
  • Further Information: Australian and New Zealand links.
  • Background information: Recent Media Highlights on Fire, Policies, and Politics

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