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Forest Fires in Croatia

04 August 2003, 09:00

Latest Images:

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From 17.07.2003 to 01.08.2003 more than 28 fires burned around 4000 ha forest and shrub land. The pictures are from National Park Paklenica near Zadar. All fires are under control now.

Fire maps:

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The maps show fires (from left to right) on island Bisevo (350 ha), island Brac (more than 1000 ha), island Hvar – 3 fires (all more than 1100 ha).
Source: Mladen Vinkovic, B.M.E.; Assistant Firefighting Commander

Fire-weather forecast for Europe

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Fire Weather Index (FWI) forecast  for this week (left) and the predicted FWI total for next month (right) for Europe.
(Source: ECPC Fire Weather Index Forecast)

Fires on Croatian Adria islands are under control
02 August 2003, 11:15

Zagreb (dpa) – After a three-day-long operation by fire-brigades the forest and shrub fires on the Croatian Adria islands Brac and Hvar are under control. On Brac the fire is completely under control, the fire on Hvar is dammed, reported the Croatian news agency. Altogether more than 2600 hectares of Pine forests and shrub land in the holiday areas are burned down. The police had arrested several people because of the suspicion on arson.

Forest fires continue to rage in Portugal and Croatia

01 August 2003

DRAGUIGNAN/LISBON/ZAGREB (dpa). The devastating forest fires continue to terrify people in the South of Europe. In the hinterland of the French Côte d’Azur the wind calms down, so containing flames succeeded to the 700 firefighters in operation. However the situation is still strained: Gusty winds can let the flames blaze up at any time again. President Jacques Chirac threatened with “strictest punishment” becauce fires had been caused “by intention or carelessness”. In the endangered regions person controls were intensified, the authorities arrested several confessing comitters. A 30-year old from Figanières set a blaze because he was not allowed to become a fireman. From all over France more than 1000  fire men are mobilized. Spain and Greece sent accessorily waterbombers. Since beginning of the summer season  in the south of the country 30,000 hectares are burned down so far- the area of the German city Bremen. Five people died. In central Portugal  near the city Oleiros a driver  burned in its car. Before a farmer who was helping the fire crews lost his life.

On the Croatian Adria islands Brac, Hvar and Bisevo heavy fires started at Wednesday evening. Hundreds of fire fighters were in operation. According to the opinion of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) the governments of the mediterranean countries should invest more money into fire prevention, instead of fighting only the fires. Stricter laws and high punishments for arsonists are necessary.

Source: Frankfurter Rundschau

Forest fires on Croatian islands not yet under control
01 August 2003

Zagreb (dpa) – On the Croatian Adria islands Brac and Hvar  large area forest and shrub fires are raging. As the national television reports, more than 2000 hectares Pine forest and shrub land burned down so far. Firemen from all over Croatia are enforcing their colleagues on the two islands. Also soldiers, policemen and tourists are supporting fire fighting operations. In addition waterbombers are in the use. The fire on the island Bisevo could be brought under control.

Source: Frankfurter Rundschau

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