GFMC: Meterological Conditions and Fire in South East Asia

Early  Fire Season in  China

31 March 2003

Latest Satellite Image from China

Early Season Fires in Northern China
Agricultural fires are burning in Northern China (south) and southern Russia(north) on March 28, 2003. The fires were detected by the ModerateResolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on the Aqua satellite and aremarked in red. Some of the fires are associated with dark brown burn scars. Thehigh-resolution image provided here is 500 meters per pixel. The MODIS RapidResponse System provides a copy of this image at MODIS’ maximum resolution of 250meters.

Source:NASA/ EO

For further information, please also have a look to the current and archived IFFN Country Notes , for visual impressions please see the GFMC Photo Archive on China.

See also China fire update of  02 Oct 2002 and 27 March 2003


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