GFMC: Bush and Forest Fires in Australia

Bush and Forest Fires in Australia

15 January 2003

Australia´s fire seasons


Actual Fire Situation Maps,Victoria
An actual fire situation map can be found directly at: 

Fire Weather Forecast for the Pacific Region

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Fire Weather Index for the 
Pacific Region for tomorrow.
(Source: ECPCFire Weather Index Forecast)


Fire Situation in Tasmania

BushfiresRaging in Southeast Australia
Heat signatures (red), a burn scar (charcoal), and a smoke plume (light blue haze) are visible from fires burning on Flinders Island (Tasmania), Australia in this ModerateResolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) image from the Aqua satellite./12 January 2003/


15 January 2003

The arrival of fresh fire crews combined with light winds and cool overcast conditions has allowed fire crews to consolidate control lines in all areas particularly around the North West edge of the fire.
Planned backburning utilising aerial incendiary bombing scheduled for early evening has been brought forward in order to strengthen the control lines already in place.

The light tankers due to arrive early this morning were delayed until 1600hrs this afternoon and their arrival will further bolster resources on the island.

There has been no fire spread in any areas since early this morning.

HOUSE FIRE 15 January 2003, 

At 0237 hours, the Tasmania Fire Service received a call to a House Fire at 17 Wright Street, Shorewell.

Two units from the Burnie Fire Brigade reported on arrival and found that the single storey house was involved in fire.

The fire was burning in the two bedrooms, lounge and most of the roof space. Firefighters wearing Breathing Apparatus entered the house and bought the fire under control in approximately 20 minutes. Falling roof structure and burnt holes in the floor hampered firefighting efforts. The structure was significantly damaged throughout by the fire.

No one was in the house at the time of the fire and indications are that the fire was deliberately lit. Police and Fire Service Investigators are still investigating the cause of the incident.

Damages is estimated at $80,000.

Statewide Fire Update 15 January 2003

Incident  88341 Bass Highway, Elizabeth Town Status: Stopped Mopping up and monitoring.

Incident  88312 East Derwent H’way, Risdon Vale Status: Stopped Mopping up and monitoring.

Incident  88291 Twelvetrees Range, Strathgordon Status: Going Mainly assisting Parks & Wildlife with mop up and patrol.

Incident  88284 Rockingham Drive Status: Stopped Fire is contained within boundaries. Blacking out for 40 m round perimeter has occurred and fire will be patrolled regularly over the next few days.

Incident  88276 Acton Road, Acton Status: Stopped Crews will be continuing to blacken out and mop up for the next couple of days.

Incident  88261 Lyell Highway, Gretna Status: Stopped Crews will be monitoring over the next few days, blackening out hot spots.

Incident  88152 Ben Lomond Marshes, Forestry Status: Stopped Incident handed over to gunns effective 2200hrs 14/01/2003. Gunns will patrol until extinguished

Incident  87936 Black Snake Road, Interlaken Status: Going Fire is being monitored each day and will continue to be for the near future.

Incident  88017 Marys Hope Road, Rosetta Status: Stopped Crews patrolling regularly.

Incident  88232 Nelson Bay, Parks Status: Stopped Parks will monitor closely over the next few days.

Source: Tasmania Fire Service (TFS)

Fire Situation in NSW

Kosciuszko National Park Fire Facts Summary
Wednesday, 15 January 2003 – Current scenario

Continuing mild weather is helping fire fighters prevent the spread of 14 fires which have burnt more than 39,000 hectares of Kosciuszko National Park since they were ignited by a dry lightning storm a week ago.

While the situation remains serious, firefighters have made solid progress towards containing many of the fires. A number are already contained and several more have been extinguished.

Most of the fires are burning in remote areas deep within the park. There is currently no direct threat to communities or private property outside the park.

Thick smoke has been prevalent over the last 2-3 days – both in villages inside the park, such as Thredbo, and beyond the park, such as Adaminaby, Khankoban and Jindabyne. This is because of shifting winds and at times calm conditions. There is no immediate threat to these areas.

NSW fire fighters are also working closely with their Victorian counterparts to prevent fires in Victoria spreading into NSW. Substantial backburning has been completed on both sides of the Murray River.

Fire Map
The full map of the fires in the region:

Weather forecast
Continuing warm, with a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Light-moderate winds from the east in the mornings, swinging to the west/north-west from mid-morning and back to the east in the late afternoons and evenings. This pattern is expected to continue until Saturday, when higher temperatures and westerlies are expected, along with possible showers/thunderstorms. Cooler conditions are expected to return on Sunday.

Source: NSW Rural FireService 

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