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EuroFire Training Modules


The EuroFire partnership team, as a pilot project, has developed fire training materials to support the development of similar fire management skills across the European Union. The fire training materials have been developed to support fire training and assessment for a Level 2 work environment. That is for members of a tanker crew, hand crew, or prescribed burning crew, who are instructed to do tasks and who work under direct supervision.

Six EuroFire competency standard units for fire crews and personnel involved in the suppression of wildfires, forest fires, rangeland fires and in prescribed burning have been developed. Four training modules to support firefighters self-learning are also available.

Not all the standards have been covered by an equivalent module due to a lack of time in the project. The units by training modules are the areas of skills knowledge and competence identified in consultation with the industry as being weak. The training modules are:

EF1    Ensure that your actions in the vegetation fire workplace reduce the risks to yourself and others.

EF2    Apply techniques and tactics to control vegetation fire.

EF4    Apply hand tools to control vegetation fire.

EF6    Apply vegetation ignition techniques.

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