EuroFire Materials in Korean Language

 Context of the Korean Version of the EuroFire Materials

In Northeast Asia, some forest ecosystems are becoming increasingly vulnerable to fire as a consequence of regional climate change, careless fire use and reduced institutional capacities to manage fires. Transboundary fires are noted between neighboring countries which are sharing a land- border, e.g. between China and Russia, or between South and North Korea. Cross-boundary transport of smoke and regional smoke pollution has become a regular phenomenon. The last fire and smoke pollution period in the Northeast Asia Region occurred in April 2015, resulting from wildfires in the Transbaikal Region of the Russian Federation, resulting in long-range transport of smoke pollutants to the Korean Peninsula and stretching as far as the West Coast of North America (Canada, U.S.A.). Such large-scale events require coordinated transboundary actions. As part of such actions, the UNISDR Regional Northeast Asia Wildland Fire Network was established in 2004, which is fostering the cross-boundary cooperation in fire management within the region and between neighbouring regions of Asia.

The work of the Northeast Asia Wildland Fire Network is embedded in the cooperative work of the Pan-Asia Wildland Fire Network Cluster. The initial participation of wildland fire scientists and state authorities of some countries has revealed a high interest in sharing information and resources for capacity building and joint fire management in the region. The use of the EuroFire Competency Standards and Training Materials have been considered useful and tested in regional training in order to create a basis for cross-boundary cooperation in fire management, notable in the exchange of fire management resources during emergency situations during which a country affected may run out of resources and be dependent on assistance from neighbouring countries.

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