GFMC: CSA RADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch

CSA RADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch

As part of its Disaster Watch Program, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA)is undertaking the initiative of sending out E-mail notices to the individuals and organizations interested in knowing about RADARSAT-1 coverage of natural or human-made disasters, which occur almost daily around the world. The objective of this notice, to be entitled “CSA RADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch”, is to inform the potential users in a timely manner of the valuable space-based data and information that is available, and which may assist in coping with these disasters and mitigating their effects.

Through the “CSA RADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch” notice, information can be received concerning all of the RADARSAT-1 images that have been acquired under the Disaster Watch Program. This information includes:

  • the part of the world which was imaged (which city, country, sea, etc…)
  • the type of disaster that occurred there (i.e.: volcano eruption, wildland fire etc…)
  • the date and time each image was acquired
  • the RADARSAT-1beam mode that was used to image the area
  • the RADARSAT-1cycle that the satellite was in at the time of acquisition
  • the RADARSAT-1orbit that the satellite was in at the time of acquisition
  • the duration of the acquisition (corresponds to how much of the area was imaged at that time)
  • whether the image was downlinked in real time or stored on the onboard recorder until the satellite was within a range of a receiving station

Some of the images mentioned in the “CSARADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch” notice will have been acquired as part of the”Space and Major Disasters” international charter. Visit the Charter the following address:

Any such images will be identified in both the e-mailand in our Disaster Watch Archive. Please note that an Email will be received only on those days that data has been acquired under the Disaster Watch Program.

The RADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch Archive is a large, searchable database containing data acquired under the Disaster Watch Program. Interested users are invited to explore this tool by visiting our website at the following address:

Information is given here how RADARSAT-1 data can be ordered. In order to be included as part of the CSA RADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch distribution list contact Disaster Watch by sending an e-mail to

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