Daedalus Airborne Bispectral Imager for mapping complex fires

Angiel EnviroSafe provides airborne fire mapping. For this the company utilizes a twin engine Piper Aztec equipped with a Daedalus ABS (Airborne Bispectral Imager) imaging system. This system has one band in the thermal IR at 8.5 to 12.5 microns and it has a very wide 86 degree field of view.


Fig.1. Daedalus ABS package

The equipment is based in the US and can be flown to most American and European sites. It can be sent by commercial airline for mounting on local aircraft at more distant locations. The only requirements are a camera hole and a 28 Volt power supply.


Fig.2. Fire mapping by Daedalus: A fire map in the Western US produced by the US Forest Service

Long term positioning or relocations are very possible, e.g. in Europe (the owner is a citizen of the EC).


Mr. Pierre Angiel
Cell phone: +1-786 897-5562
e-mail:  pierreangiel@aol.com 
Angiel EnviroSafe website: http://www.angielenvirosafe.com



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