GFMC: Avialesookhrana – the Aerial Forest Protection Service, Federal ForestService of Russia

avialesookhrana.gif (5208 Byte) Avialesookhrana – the Aerial Forest Protection Service, Federal Forest Service of Russia

The Aerial Forest Protection Service Avialesookhrana of the Federal Forest Service of Russia is currently preparing a profile for international fire emergency response missions. More information will be available by April 2001.

In Russia Avialesookhrana operates 300 aircraft (fixed-wing and helicopters) for fire detection, monitoring and suppression. The organization owns 100 aircraft. The following photographic and technical documentation shows the technical capabilities of Avialesookhrana.


Photographic documentation of forest fire fighting resources of Avialesookhrana
(Photos: Courtesy Mr. Valery Korotkov, Avialesookhrana)

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Fig.1.  Helicopter MI-8 filling a helibucket VSU-5A Badjea

Technical data:
– Max take-off weight (max gross):12 000 kg
– Range without additional fuel tank: 575 km
– Load capacity (people/cargo): 24 / 4000 kg inside and 2000 kg external payload
– Cruising speed: 220 km/h

VSU-5A Helibucket Badjea
– Empty weight of bucket-130-150 kg
– Capacity of a soft two-layer (rubber) regulated cover:
         -1.3-2.5 t for MI-8
         – 3.0-4.5 t for MI-8MTV or KA-32

– Power supply for bucket control: 27 V
– Capacity of the electric engine for the control of water dropping mechanism-38W
– Helicopter speed during transportation of a bucket:
         – empty: up to160 km/h
         – filled-up to 160 km/h


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Fig.2. Mi-8 with helibucket VSU-5A


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Fig.3. Air-tanker An-2P (Antonov)

– Max. take-off weight (max gross): 5 500kg
– Range: 900 km
– Load capacity (people/retardant/cargo): 12/1200/1500 kg or 6 smokejumpers with gear and tools
– Cruising speed: 180 km/h
– Dropping speed: 160 km/h
– Drop altitude: 10 m above crown layer
– Size of wettened strip: 10×70 m


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Fig.4. Air-tanker(scooper) Be-12P (Berijev)

– Max. take-off weight (max gross): 36 000 kg
– Range: 3600km
– Load capacity: 6000 kg
– Cruising speed: 470 km/h
– Dropping speed: 240 km/h
– Drop altitude: 20 m above crown layer
– Size of wettened strip: 20×80 m


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Fig.5. Helirappeller descending from Mi-8 by SU-R rapelling device from Mi-8

– Length of rope: 50 m
– Descending speed of helirappeller: 3 m/sec


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Fig.6. Smokejumpers is jumpping with square parachutes Lesnik -2 (“Forester”)

– Size of parachute: 26.5 m2
– Weight of parachute: 14 kg
– Horizontal speed: 9 m/sec
– Vertical speed: 5 m/sec


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Fig.7. Firefighting rehearsal: Putting out fire by back pumps using water with foaming agents


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