GFMC: Savanna Fires in Sénégal, West Africa, 20 February 2001

Savanna Fires in Sénégal, West Africa

20 February 2001

In January 2001 the fire occurrence moved to the central part of southern Senegal. The most extended fires were detected in the region of Kolda. So far, 18,800 hectares of area burned are registered in the Province of Bandafassi, wich is situated in the region of Tambacounda. In spite of the fire front´s movement to the south, some fires appeared in northern and middle parts of the country (Yang Yang, Dodji, Barkedji, Maleme Hodar, Kiougheul, Toubacouta).  The table included in Fig.1 indicates the provinces most affected by wildfires.

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Fig.1. Fire activity map of Sénégal based on NOAA AVHRR fire detection by the the Centre de Suivi Écologique (CSE), Dakar.
The red dots indicate fires which burned in January 2001, the black dots indicate fires which burned during the period from October to December 2000. The CSE is a regional node of the World Fire Web.

For further information see: Background Information of Wildland Fires in the Sénégal.

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