Forest Fires in Southern United States: 28 May 1999

Forest Fires in Southern United States

28 May 1999

Several active fire signals are recorded by OSEI on 27 May 1999 in Florida.

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Fig.1., 2. and 3. The NOAA AVHRR image shows heat signatures from areas of fire in Florida. Smoke can be seen extending from the largest fire area in southern Florida on 27 May 1999. Red color of some bodies of water is due to solar reflection saturating the AVHRR in band 3.
(Source: NOAA

The DAILY FLORIDA WILDFIRE STATUS SYNOPSIS of Thursday, 27 May 1999, prepared by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Forestry in conjunction with the National Forests in Florida is stating, 104 wildfires burned 637 acres (257 ha) on Wednesday. The year-to-date statistic increased meanwhile to 3,684 wildfires, which burned 275,839 acres (111,628 ha). For information regarding this report please refer to the detailed synopsis, which can be accessed under

The INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SITUATION REPORT ( from 27 May 1999 can be quoted as follows:
Fire activity continued in the Southern and Southwest Areas, with minor activity reported elsewhere. Mobilization of resources through the National Interagency Coordination Center included helicopters, communications equipment and miscellaneous overhead to the Southern Area and a helicopter to the Southwest. Large fires in the Southwest and Northern California are nearing completion. Very high and extreme fire indices were reported in Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

FRIENDLY, Osceola National Forest. A Type I Incident Management Team (Melton) is assigned. This team is also managing the Hickory Island fire. Intense fire activity occurred late afternoon hampering containment efforts, particularly in the northeast corner of the fire. Burnout operations were hindered by rapid humidity recovery last night.
HICKORY ISLAND, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. This fire is being monitored by the team assigned to the Friendly fire. The fire is near Folkston, GA. No significant activity occurred on the fire.
BAY CREEK COMPLEX, Apalachicola National Forest. All planned dozer lines have been completed. Spot fires were suppressed with the aid of a helicopter. Mop-up is continuing. Flare-ups persist in the swamps and are requiring constant monitoring. The increase in acreage is due to burnout operations.
POLE PINE, Florida State Division of Forestry. This fire is located in Pasco County. The right flank of the fire is burning into the Pithlachascotee River Swamp. Airtanker, helicopter and dozer support stopped the head of the fire. Full containment was expected last night.

There will be scattered afternoon thunderstorms throughout Florida. It will be mostly cloudy in the north and partly cloudy in central and south Florida. Minimum humidities will be 35 to 45% inland and 45 to 55% on the coast. Winds will be northwest at 7 to 12 MPH. High temperatures will be 80 to 85 on the coast and in the north, and around 90 in central and south Florida.
California will have areas of coastal low clouds and fog. The rest of the state will be sunny except for isolated mountain thunderstorms in the afternoon. Minimum humidities will be 45 to 65% on the coast, 30 to 45% in the inland valleys, 20 to 30% in the mountains, and 10 to 20% in the deserts. Winds will be southwest at 5 to 20 MPH. High temperatures will be 65 to 75 in the mountains, 75 to 85 in the valleys and 90 to 105 in the deserts.
Arizona will be sunny and warmer. Minimum humidities will be 18 to 28% in the mountains and 8 to 18% at lower elevations. Winds will be southwest to northwest at 5 to 20 MPH. High temperatures will be 73 to 83 in the mountains, and 97 to 106 in the lower elevations.
New Mexico will be partly cloudy with scattered to numerous thunderstorms in the east and to the north. Minimum humidities will be 30 to 50% to the north and in the eastern plains, and 15 to 25% elsewhere. Winds will be north at 10 to 15 MPH. High temperatures will be in the upper 50’s to lower 70’s in the mountains and to the north, and around 90 elsewhere in the state.
West Texas will be partly cloudy with scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Minimum humidities will be 50 to 60% in the panhandle, 10 to 20% trans-Pecos and 20 to 40% elsewhere. Winds will be at 10 to 15 MPH. High temperatures will be around 70 in the mountains and the panhandle, 90 to 100 trans-Pecos and along the Rio Grande with 80’s elsewhere.

Southern Arizona Online íssued the following information on May 27, 1999:
Cross-border fire controlled
Firefighters today mopped up a 1,700-acre fire that burned a path across the U.S.-Mexico border west of Nogales. About 375 acres of Coronado National Forest were scorched on the U.S. side and 1,300 acres south of the border. The Forest Service estimated that fighting the fire has cost about $200,000. The fire started Monday in Mexico and is believed to be man-caused.

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