Wildfires in Florida: 27 April 1999

Forest Fires in Southeastern United States
Florida: Wildfire Risk Continues

27 April 1999

For central Florida rainy conditions were the weather forecast of the last two days. The so much-needed rain was accompanied with lightning from several thunderstorms, which flashed several brushfires in marshy areas.

The Southern Area Coordinating Center reports increased wildfire activity throughout the southeastern US and firefighters had a hard time getting to the new wildfires.

Due to the topicality of the weather conditions with lightning, please refer to the commercial near real-time lightning web page: http://www.flamedia.com/lightning/light.htm

The wildfire potential remains extreme statewide.

Additional weather informations are available at:

The Fire Specific Situation Summary provided by the Florida Division of Forestry (FL DoF) and the US Forest Service (USFS) is accessible at: http://www.fl-dof.com/wildfire99/index.html

OSEI provided the latest satallite images with the NOAA AVHRR Sensor on 23 April 1999.

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Fig.1. NOAA images of vegetation fires in Southeastern United States on 23 April 1999
(Source: NOAA http://www.osei.noaa.gov/)

Fig.1. shows heat signatures (red spots) and smoke (blue haze) from areas of fire burning in southeastern Georgia and Florida. The pink areas on land are due to solar heating of the surface sensed by AVHRR channel 3.

(For a complete 1999 Wildland Fire Season Outlook please visit the NIFC homepage http://www.nifc.gov/news/nfn.html)

The Florida Forest Protection Bureau reports for 22 April 1999, 16 Fires. For a detailed report on the fire activities in Florida, refer to the last days Narrative Report on the Florida fire situation provided by the Florida Forest Protection Bureau.

The SOUTHERN AREA COORDINATION CENTER REPORT (20 April 1999) can be accessed at: http://state.vipnet.org/dof/firesitr.htm)

The content of the INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SITUATION REPORT, updated on 26 April 1999, can be summarized as follows:
(this report can be accessed under: http://www.nifc.gov/news/sitreprt.html)

Fire activity has moderated in the Southern Area. Very high and extreme fire indices were reported in Louisiana, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. The National Interagency Coordination Center processed orders for miscellaneous overhead. Five crews are being mobilized to Asheville today to replace five crews that are being demobilized.

HICKORY ISLAND, Okefenokee NWR. This fire is burning near Folkston, GA. No new information was reported.
APALACHICOLA COMPLEX, National Forests in Florida. A Type I team (Melton) is assigned. This complex includes the Owl Creek (2,624 acres) and Cow House (6,765 acres) fires. No new information was reported.
STONY CREEK, Cherokee National Forest. No new information was reported. This will be the last report
unless new information is received.

Florida will have scattered thunderstorms today with widely scattered thunderstorms predicted Tuesday through Friday. High temperatures will be in the 80’s.
Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina will experience scattered thunderstorms today and Tuesday, with a chance of thunderstorms on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be dry. High temperatures will be mostly in the 70’s.
Arizona and New Mexico will be mostly dry today through Wednesday with a chance of valley rain and mountain snow Thursday and Friday. It will be breezy/windy Wednesday through Friday. High temperatures in the mountains will be in the upper 50’s, while the deserts experience temperatures in the mid 80’s through Wednesday. Temperatures will be cooler Thursday and Friday with highs from the mid 40’s to mid 70’s.

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