Forest Fires and Prescribed Burning in Southern United States: 27 January 1999

Forest Fires and Prescribed Burning in the Southern United States

27 January 1999

Several active fire signals and smoke plumes are recorded by OSEI with the NOAA AVHRR Sensor on 26 January 1999.

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Fig.1. NOAA image of the vegetation fires in the Southern United States 26 January 1999
(Source: NOAA

See also remarks at the end of this daily update: The fire signatures in the Southeast represent mainly prescribed burning operations.

An excellent Wildfire Season Forecast for Florida can be seen under this link: 1998-1999 Florida Wildfire Season Forecast

Remarks on Prescribed Burning:
The high-temperature events depicted by the NOAA AVHRR satellite in the Southeast are not all wildfires. At this time of the year prescribed burning operations are conducted routinely. A set of photographic documents on prescribed burning techniques and objectives can be visited in our photo archive. For more information on the extent of prescribed burning in the U.S.A. please visit the last issue of International Forest Fire News.

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